Friday, March 4, 2011

Internet stalking

In cyberstalking, the whole process of the victim of persecution is done by the Internet. To spy on a partner in the network admitted that 34 percent of women and just over 14 percent of men. The most common method used by women to check the activity lover on Facebook and the history of phone calls and SMS. Male respondents were using more sophisticated measures of women: hacked email account partner (6 percent), installing small wireless Webcam in the bedroom (3 percent) and monitoring of movements by GPS technology (5 percent). Some men also use spyware, installed on the victim machine. Thanks to this view of the monitor can be forwarded to the appropriate server or file.
This does not mean, however, that a person who has to point a person has a real obsession, does not work by other means. Traditional manifest tracking stalking victims, trying to touch and talk, aggression, and often attempts to rape. In many cases, is exposed to the danger of the victim's family. In the initial phase cybertalking is not as dangerous as harassment in the "classic" form. However, the victim is harassed online. 300 instant messages and emails. Comments on the forums, slandering "beloved or lover" on the Internet, writing to his / her fantasy friends on the relationship with the victim of a stalker just a few examples of what may come to mind persecutor. And, paradoxically, because of the availability of evidence to prove easier to police harassment in the network rather than bullying in real life.
Most cases of morbid begins after a separation, where it is difficult to accept the new reality. In most cases the motive is not itself a loss of love, and the fact of being abandoned.

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