Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cyberstalking and social networks

The development of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is conducive to the development of cyberstalking. Already, many of you probably could say that the humiliations experienced by friends - mostly former partners who did not retire from public slandering. Many of you may be on the other side - abandoned, unwanted, unloved, disliked, nudge someone to spoil the blood. I'll never be able to understand how it is that such people derive satisfaction from destroying someone life, and do not perceive that the need is due to their weakness, lack of dignity, honor and ability to put up with failures.


  1. Facebook almost ruined a friend of mine's life. Unbelievably, he had a girl stalker, which is weird, cause guys are mostly the stalker types from what I know. Anyway, we finally found these guys, read a bit about them and we're probably gonna hire them to get rid of this problem. My friend keeps getting messages on facebook, his cell, and lately he's received letters in the mail, all from this stalker.

  2. Thanks for sharing Paulie.
    In fact women are more often stalkers these days than men. Cyberstalking is becoming a huge problem, and it's becoming more and more easy to harass other people by the means of electronic media. Friends of mine have set up this page to help people, who think may be stalked. It's still in beta, but it has a good potential.
    Good luck with getting rid of the nasty stalker!