Friday, May 27, 2011

Stalking and the Internet

In the last decade, the number of attacks with the use of new media. The so-called cyberbulling is primarily a phenomenon on the Internet. The network gives us unlimited access to information. It is also one of the main channels of communication. Internet is not always associated with the benefit of technology, especially for those who fall victim to cyber criminals. Social networking sites like Facebook led to an increase in crimes related to the use of someone else's image and impersonating another person. Increasingly, one hears of cases of false accounts for the emergence of social networking sites. It is also a kind of stalkingu. Using the data and the image of a persecuted people, stalker makes contact with friends of the victim. His activity on the site is dependent on the objective they want to achieve. Maybe because through contact with friends to control his victim, but also, speaking on its behalf, violate the human dignity.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Psychological aspects of stalking

Bullying is psychological. Stalkers are usually people who can not cope with the functioning of society. They can not come to terms with social rejection, by all means seek acceptance in environments where, for various reasons do not belong. Studies have shown that often the victims are women stalkingu. Why? There may be many reasons. The outcome of the study may have contributed to the fact that women are more likely to admit to harassment and report them. However, it seems to me that there are essential cultural stereotypes. First of all, women are considered weaker both physically and mentally, and so are the fertile ground of persecution under the action. In cases where the reason for bullying is the rejection of love, stalkers are hoping in this way will appeal to their nature fragile and delicate woman. It is very dangerous, because unfortunately at the moment when love begins to see that contact with him is not welcome, it usually turns into aggression against the victim.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Manifestations of stalking

Studies show that the most common manifestation is the dissemination false information and slander which violates one's dignity. More than half of those surveyed responded that they reached alarming signals via a third party. 50% were threatened or intimidated by blackmail them. It turns out that the pursuers mostly use mobile phones, to harass their victims. Unwanted phone calls and text messages until it receives half of the respondents. Equally common are e-mails. A smaller percentage of the use and dissemination of pictures of the victim through the Internet or posting comments about compromising the victim on the Web.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stalking is on the raise

The development of modern technology to a large extent contributed to expand the boundaries phenomenon that is harassment. There are many methods and persecution. Tormentor has a choice of such intrusive text messages, phone calls, emails, messages on social networking sites. It can also control their victims by breaking into her computer, breaking passwords to online accounts, instant messaging, etc. Research conducted at the request of the Ministry of Justice show that 2009 was a haunted one in ten Poles, but often fell victim women. Stalking is a phenomenon which is to be intrusive naprzykrzaniu other person tormenting her by making unwanted attempts to contact. The harassment we have to do when the person feels harassed and afraid to fear for their safety.